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Our approach to Net-Zero and Net-Positive building design is as follows:

Demand reduction:  If the building doesn’t need it, then the site doesn’t need to produce it.

Renewable energy sourcing:  Innovation is paramount. Sometimes this means parametric window placement, other times it means flowing nearby groundwater. Each site has its unique properties that can dramatically change a building’s energy consumption.

Cost control:  It’s too easy to attach a huge solar array to a building, but the payback is simply too long. We approach net-zero-energy design by strictly balancing costs, utility, and payback period.

Our first net-zero energy project was GreeNola– a development we engineered for Workshop/APD that was the winning design for the 2006 Global Green USA Renewable Energy competition.  It was an affordable housing project.

Our subsequent work in the areas of geothermal and solar thermal innovation have given us the ability to see opportunities in power harvesting or production that are unseen by most.

We invite you to learn more about Zenesis House, our namesake project to learn more.