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Calamity Tolerance

Our experience in building Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing system retrofit and design, together with our confident prosecution of complex applications before agencies having jurisdiction, give our firm and clients the freedom to place mission-critical equipment out of harm’s way.

We are increasingly asked to consult with:

  • Boiler Re-location – Preparing roof structure for new uses, re-locating or placing new equipment out of flood-prone building areas, often while buildings are fully occupied

  • 24/7 Uninterruptible Power Supply –  Re-locating electrical service, protecting distribution, load design and emergency power systems

  • Flood Control Systems – Under-sidewalk spill basin design, sea wall systems and always-on sump pumps

  • Structural Reinforcement – Improving structural response to flood, seismic, wind, impact, artillery, explosion and nuclear fallout threat

Particularly in areas close to the New York City waterfront, and with a high water table (such as in TriBeCa) owners of valuable real estate are reckoning with the effects of a changing climate.