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Company Profile

Founded by Raj Parikh, PE, our mission is to change the relationship between the buildings we enjoy and the environment we depend on.

Zenesis operates at the intersection of applied engineering, NYC building retrofit, and high-performance building design having designed and re-designed thousands of buildings – no two the same – of every type in the City. We often succeed at complex NYC departmental application approaches where others have not. In our daily work, we guide project architects and developers through local approval while simultaneously providing technical design.

Our knowledge base navigating building code comes from our founding engineer and architect having spent decades in leadership positions at NYC agencies such as HPD (Housing, Preservation and Development) NYC Housing Authority and NYC Department of Parks.

We are experts in NYC building operations due to real-world experience deep within boiler rooms and high on rooftops of large multifamily buildings, improving comfort and wellness for many thousands of apartment and building occupants.

Principal Raj Parikh, PE also conducts clean-tech research at his alma mater, Cooper Union School of Engineering, and regularly implements practical approaches to renewable energy in applications common to our climate zone, and practical to NYC’s building stock.

Formerly known as Metropolitan Building Consulting Group Architecture & Engineering, PLLC, the firm is privately owned, has zero investors or debt, and has primarily served the private sector in New York City since 1972.