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Solar Thermal

Solar thermal is the ancient science of using the sun to heat up water. We perform the modern art of engineering this method into the buildings of tomorrow. Solar thermal is particularly well-paired with multifamily residential buildings, hotels and hospitals where there is high hot water demand and substantial multi-zone climate controls.

We use solar-thermal heating for:

  • Domestic hot water production

  • Space heating

  • Steam production for either heat (winter) or steam-absorption chillers (summer)

  • Green roof gardens

  • The purpose of boosting geothermal ground-source systems

Each and every BTU produced by the sun is less fuel a building must burn. Using available roof or facade space, it is remarkable how much free pre-heating can be accomplished even on the coldest days of the year. Our engineers pair this energy with highly efficient heat exchange systems so that heat produced outdoors is brought indoors quickly.

Wherever possible, we try to maximize system ROI.

We achieve this by:

  • Avoiding where possible the use of anti-freeze

  • Creatively piping into existing plumbing lines

  • Doing so as quietly and quickly as possible

Because systems have so few moving parts and can be sized according to budget, we welcome the discussion of solar thermal in any building in that uses heat or hot water.