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HVAC / Mechanical

The centerpiece of our practice, we have designed over 10,000 retrofit and new mechanical systems in the city of New York. In the past decade, our published and ongoing research with the Cooper Union School of Engineering allows us to apply cutting-edge findings in the areas of heat transfer, geothermal and solar thermal directly to our work.

The bulk of our work consists of new systems and existing buildings. We troubleshoot existing facilities and integrate today’s best and brightest technologies into existing facilities, often without disrupting occupancy.

We specialize in:

  • Heating Plants

  • Chiller Plants and Cooling Towers

  • Domestic Hot Water

  • One and Two-Pipe Steam

  • Hydronic and Underfloor Distribution

  • Ground-Source (Geothermal) Heat Pumps

  • Solar Thermal

  • High-Performance Building Envelope

We continually hear how our hands-on design and construction experience gives us a unique understanding of aesthetic priorities and how to achieve them without sacrificing for mechanical systems. Creative concealment and minimal moving parts are our tradecraft.

In all projects we seek to center our approach on demand reduction, system redundancy, maximum energy efficiency and pristine indoor environment.

A properly sized, maintained, and balanced steam system remains the most practical and economical method of heating New York.