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Sustainable Facilities

Sustainable facilities demand far less energy during operation than their counterparts, are built with materials that both have a low carbon footprint, do not harmfully off-gas and reduce the burden on both its surrounding environment and municipal systems.
Sustainable facilities prescribe a program of occupancy, maintenance and operations that carry them forward into the future.
Specifically, we approach these projects as follows:

  • Durability: Built to last over time and through calamities

  • Demand Reduction: Optimal building positioning and massing, the use of superinsulation, thermal-bridge avoidance, superior airtightness and energy-recovery mechanical systems

  • Renewable Energy: Harness the sun, earth and wind wherever feasible

  • Superior Indoor Environment: Indoor spaces should mimic everything good about being outdoors on a gorgeous day while filtering out anything undesirable or impure

Skillful application of indoor climate control, ventilation and air purification are just the beginning for us. Our specification of construction methods and materials, design and modelling of natural light transmission, and ability to maximize building bulk based on zoning analysis allow us to create the best possible indoor environments for our clients.