Construction Resumes on Zenesis House

BERGEN COUNTY, NJ – We continually set the energy-performance bar higher than other Engineering/Architecture firms- of any size. Metropolitan’s CEO, Raj Parikh, PE has set out to raise the bar for single-family sustainable home retrofit by creating an ultra high-performance home that is both luxurious and an alternative to the American McMansion.

The goal of this project is to demonstrate that:

  • Retrofitting a 60-year old timber home to a net-zero-energy standard is both possible and attainable,
  • Environmental friendliness and hedonistic luxury are not mutually exclusive.
  • By harnessing the value of abundant natural resources and lowering our demand on fossil fuels, we will achieve total energy independence.

We accomplish this:

By Working WITH nature instead of against it

  • We utilize the gifts of nature to make a home more comfortable and more efficient
  • Sun provides daylight, electricity, and hot water for home
  • Wind provides electricity
  • Indoor bio-wall naturally swaps fresh oxygen with carbon dioxide
  • Ground beneath home cools it in summer and warms it in winter
  • Home captures and purifies rainwater for use in irrigation and laundry, WC

By Minimizing How Much Energy The Home Demands

  • By building a better box
  • Thermal-bridge-free construction
  • Super-insulated walls
  • Controlled ventilation instead of “air escaping through the cracks”.
  • Creative energy reclamation and heat recovery systems.

By Making it Fun

  • Have an indoor home theater that is powered entirely by renewable energy
  • Have heat rejected from the wine cellar warm the sauna (virtually free exchange)
  • Magnificent roof gardens are a delight!

By Reducing / Eliminating the Carbon Footprint

  • Use geothermal, wind, and solar systems instead of burning fossil fuel
  •  Cradle-to-cradle approach with building materials (reduce, recycle, or repurpose everything)
  •  Reduce trips to the supermarket and food packaging by growing substantial produce onsite
  • Produce more power than the home uses, and give back to the grid


By Backing it Up

  • Monitor energy use & system operation with a digital dashboard
  • Prove that intelligent design and smart buildings are even smarter investments