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Company Profile

Founded in 1972 by Raj Parikh, PE, our firm’s mission is to change the relationship between the buildings we enjoy and the environment we depend on.

Our work is at the intersection of applied engineering, property development and high-performance building design. For over 40 years in New York City, we’ve designed and re-designed thousands of buildings – no two the same – of every type.

Our deep knowledge of NYC building code comes from our founding engineer and architect having spent decades at NYC agencies such as HPD (Housing, Preservation and Development) NYC Housing Authority and NYC Department of Parks.

We often succeeded at complex NYC departmental application approaches where others have failed. In our daily work, we guide project architects and developers while simultaneously providing technical design.

Our knowledge of sustainability comes from real-world experience deep within boiler rooms and high on rooftops of large multifamily buildings, improving comfort and wellness for many thousands of apartment and building occupants.

Our principals conduct clean-tech research at Cooper Union School of Engineering. Combined with 40+ years of hands-on experience, the firm brings a uniquely informed perspective to our client’s projects.